Aditya Sunset 0234
Sunset from the beach at the Aditya Hotel
Blue Whale 7114
The biggest animal on the planet rises to to take a breath. Blue Whale ticked
Blue Whale 7141
It took a couple of hours longer than anticipated but was worth the wait
Dolphins 6798
Risso’s Dolphins
Golden Jackal 0019 v2
Golden Jackal at Udawalawe National Park was an unexpected find.
Golden Jackal 0032
One of a pack of four Jackals
Golden Jackal 9979
Great Thicknee9057
Great Thicknee at Bundala National Park
Jackals 9873
Fantastic to find a pack of four Jackals and watching how they groomed and socialised
Leopard 9520
Patience paid off, we waited two hours for this Leopard come down from her rest spot in the sun
Painted Stork 7639
Outrageously coloured Painted Stork in road side ponds
Painted Stork 7670
The Painted Stork were very successful at finding food in these shallow ponds
Patience 1469
Final image of our Leopard before leaving her to return to the hotel
Spinner Dolphin 6747
Risso’s Dolphin close to our boat.
Blue-tailed Bee-eater 9139web
Blue-tailed Bee-eater at Bundala National Park