Talks & Presentations

Over the last decade, I have toured the RSPB/Bird Club circuit with a series of illustrated talks that have proven to be very popular. Below is a small selection of the most popular talks that I have given. All talks can be adapted to last from as little as half an hour or up to 2 hours with a break.

Bee-eaters & Kingfishers: An introduction to the birds of Goa.

With eight species of Kingfisher and three species of Bee-eater available with relative ease, the Indian state of Goa has become a firm favourite with British birders seeking some warm winter birding. Whether it is the Jungles of the Western Ghat Mountains, Carambolim & Maem Lakes or the rice fields of Siolim there is always some great birding to be done. This talk documents just what quality birding available without going on a dedicated birding tour.

Green Bee-eater with prey on Baga Fields

Northwest Year

Northwest birders often bemoan their lot because the Northwest does not attract the number of drift migrants and rarities that Norfolk or the east coast does. However, with tens of thousands of winter geese, the best place in England to see Leach’s Petrels and three internationally import estuaries this presentation documents the diversity of species available in the Northwest

A real Northwest speciality, Leach’s Petrel in the river Mersey

Around the World in 8o Birds.

After almost two decades of long-haul travel with a big telephoto lens, this talk shows some of the amazing experiences and birds I have encountered. Enigmatic species such as the critically endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Northern Bald Ibis, the little-known Stresemann’s Bushcrow of southern Ethiopia as well as some sparkling gems from Far Eastern & Neo-tropical jungles, all feature on a whistle-stop tour around the globe.

Purple-throated Mountain-Gem, just one of the huge number of Hummingbird species in Costa Rica

Kenya: More than Just Birds 

Kenya has one of the most diverse lists of bird species in the whole continent of Africa, however, with the Great Migration and millions of large herbivores providing food for Africa’s apex predators, there is just so much more to Kenya. From the dry plateaux in the shadow of Mount Kenya to the lush green grasslands of the Masai Mara, the wildlife adjacent to the bustling city of Nairobi and finally to the glistening shores of the Indian Ocean. The images in this presentation represent some of my most enjoyable moments behind the lens.

wattled plover 8542
Wattled Plover on the Masai Mara