Are all Bass Players Deranged?

The bass player used to be the statue the back of the stage, hardly moving and just supplying the constant thrum to compliment the drum beats. Meanwhile upfront and centre was the exuberant guitarist, strutting his stuff, writhing around the stage in bouts of ecstasy whilst alternatively teasing and thrashing his instrument. However these days the bass players have sharpened their elbows and thrusting themselves to the front, no more hiding near the drum kit, the inner animal has been released. Some of the bass men that I’ve photographed over the last couple of years have been as entertaining as the lead guitarists, here are few of the best.

Toseland bass player used at least two different bass guitars in a short set at Hangar 34
Morgan Owen-Rees of North Wales band Mad Haven
Bad Touch Bassist 9996
Bad Touch Seeks & Michael 9898
Michael from Bad Touch head banging with Daniel ‘Seeks’ Seekings
Bassist at the Gates of Hell 6491
Mike Markey from the Crapsons likes to thrash about in a skirt
Three From Above6796
Tom Collins from Three From Above playing at Liverpool Calling
Bassist fb 8149
Shy Billy Bassist adding to crowd numbers at Liverpool Calling
Stonebroken Bass 0943
Toseland Bass 0117
Roger Davis from Toseland, hard as nails & gave his best “Don’t fuck with me” impression
Bassist 8060
Not-so-Shy Billy bassist standing on the amp
Fretless Bass 2347
A fretless Bass at a Mothership gig
Rachel 0539
Skid Row’s Rachel Bolan – completely mad
Walter Trout Bass 5962
Walter Trout’s Bassist put on a fantastic show after the ‘First Three’ rule
Bass Player
Michael from Bad Touch at Parr Hall Warrington

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