Garden Safari

We’ve lived in our house for 25 years and I’ve always kept an eye on what wildlife we have had in the garden during that time. Over the years I’ve had a lot of different birds either fly over or land in the garden. A couple of years after we moved in during cold winter I watched 5 species of thrush feeding at the same time on my windfall apples. Five years ago on Christmas Day I finally connected with Waxwing, although this was observed ‘from’ the garden. I remember one Spring we had a pair of amorous & noisy foxes making out on the front lawn. they also ate the tongue out of a pair of Jeanette’s walking boots.

More recently I have tried to photograph as much as I can of my garden wildlife, especially since I bought the EF 100 f2.8L IS Macro lens. This lens has completely opened my eyes to the invertebrates, plants, amphibians etc that live in or around Terrazzo Galvini.

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