Finally off the mark

January 2019, not an image, not a shutter press, a photographic non-event. Lack of opportunity or inspiration or whatever but not a single picture recorded by my cameras. Of course, there is always the useless images I may have taken with the iPhone but not worthy of saving. So, I was always going to go and do something this weekend with the promise of decent light and weather, but what? Waxwings! It has been a good few years since I have photographed Waxwings, and, although it has not been a bumper winter for them in the UK there have been three that have been regular in Warrington.

I’ve lost count of the towns and cities in the North West that I have been to in search of Waxwings over the years. Many of those visits have either been to retail parks or areas of old terraced housing, today it was the latter. A single bird was showing as we arrived at Forshaw Street, always good when that happens. Over the next couple of hours, three Waxwings tried to feed whilst continuously being hounded by an aggressive Mistle Thrush. Finally good to be off the mark in 2019.

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