Feeding Station Marauder

Today was supposed to be a ‘payback’ day for disappearing yesterday to photograph Waxwings, my penance was to paint the bathroom ceiling and door. A day of sanding, filling, painting & cleaning began whilst listening to music and occasionally joining in with the lyrics. Mrs G even went out to get additional supplies to keep me employed with my brushes, getting every possible minute out of my DIY day. I’m a reluctant painter, but once I’ve started I like to crack on and get it done.

With the ceiling filled and painted I started on the door jamb when I was interrupted by Jeanette who wanted me to identify a bird, she had been watching from the Kitchen window. I went into the back bedroom and sat on a satellite dish on the house behind was a cracking male Sparrowhawk. Fortunately, my camera bag was on the bed and I started to take pictures only to find that my CF cards were in my card reader, downstairs. Aargh! I kept my eye on the bird whilst Mrs G ran downstairs to get the card.

As you can see the bird stayed on the dish for quite a long time, waiting to see what birds were going to come to feed in my garden. This enabled me to get enough images with the 500 attached, through the closed window before quietly opening the window and resting the lens on the window frame and even get to fit the 1.4x TC. The bird then launched itself off the dish and into my garden to perch on our garden sofa. This is the second time that I have had a Sparrowhawk use the garden furniture as lookout posts. Two years ago a female devoured one of the Dunnocks that feed in the garden then sat on one of the patio chairs.

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