All the young dudes & a couple of girls

I had so many gigs on the wish list and already booked. I wanted to try to make the jump from someone who does the odd gig to getting authorised for arena gigs for some of the larger acts, and who knows, even a festival. Had already arranged and got authorised for Joanne Shaw Taylor and a meet & greet and was on the list for Joe Bonamassa at the Liverpool Arena. That was going to be epic. The UK Govt announced on March 20th that the UK was going into lockdown from 23rd March which meant the JST gig was cancelled with just a couple of days notice. They would later re-schedule that gig for November only to cancel again and attempt to try again for April 2021. Let’s see if that happens. Gigs were wiped out for the rest of the year from 20th March. The short roll call of bands photographed in 2020 reads as follows.

  • Kris Barras
  • Beth Hart
  • Mad Haven
  • Anchor Lane
  • Massive Wagons
  • Troy Redfern
  • Willie and the Bandits
  • Felix Rabin
  • Samantha Fish
Kris Barras at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester performing an acoustic set
Beth Hart, a difficult shoot from the sides or rear of the auditorium that meant long lenses
Probably my favourite rock image of 2020, Mad haven at The Tivoli
Probably the most photogenic musician I shot in 2020 Owen Morgan-Rees of Mad Haven at The Tivoli
Baz from Morecombe based band Massive Wagons was so full of energy
Troy Redfern at The Music Room in Liverpool outshone the main act
Willie and The Bandits, not my genre.
Drummer for Felix Rabin in Gorilla, Manchester
Colour-popped high heels worn by Samantha Fish at Gorilla, Manchester. Last gig of the year
Samantha Fish

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