Garden Safari II

It is almost a year since I posted a selection of images of wildlife taken in my small urban garden under the title of Garden Safari. The enforced absence from work from the March 23rd 2020 Covid-19 lockdown coincided with a period of sustained good weather, this meant that I spent more time in the garden and walking around our neighbourhood. During the first lockdown air traffic reduced to less than 95% of normal in the skies over Liverpool and the sunny days lead to clear night nights. The UK Govt stated that we were allowed 1 period of exercise during the day when we could leave our homes. During the 13-weeks lots of folks just stayed home and peered into their gardens, or out of their flat windows and were now suddenly aware there was wildlife there they couldn’t identify. Throughout the land wildlife suddenly filled the void, where there were once thronging streets full of shoppers and people on their way to work there were foxes scavenging for food. In Llandudno, goats that roamed over the Great Orme, were now munching on the leaves of hedges in the town centre.

With less road traffic and virtually no air traffic the night sky was viewable to a lot of folks in the cities that had not really viewed the brightly jewelled night sky from home. Birders throughout the country experienced nocturnal migration, especially when Common Scoter migrated from the Irish Sea and Bristol Channel to cross England and Scotland to reach the North Sea and on to their breeding grounds to the North and east of the UK. The hashtag #NocMig was also trending on Twitter at one point. This Noc Mig also provided my only garden tick in 2021 with the predicted Common Scoter.

The garden and Terrazzo Galvini were well used in the summer and spring of 2020.

Grey Squirrel in an urban Liverpool garden

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